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What´s up?

Autumn 2019

The songwriting project "Creative Library Group" released a "behind the scenes" music video15/9 and an EP 19/9.

More about the project here.  



Spring 2019

Currently working with the music

for the Teater Group Magnitude´s musical "Robin Hood"

Premiere 25.4.2019, Tryckeri teatern, KARIS! 

Musicians on stage:

Carolina Wendelin: Conductor/Guitar/Keys

Oscar Fagerudd: Bass

Mats Söderlund:Drums

Kristo Salminen: Guitars

Summer 2018


Hosted a co-writing/studio session in June. Two new songs will be published 21.9.2018. 


Spring 2018

Currently writing music for the Teater Magnitude´s musical "Alice i Underlandet" (Alice in wonderland)

Premiere 12.5.2018, Tryckeri teatern, KARIS!

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